Day 10 – Good Night

We started the day by filling our water bottles with Raccoon Springs water and had a short interview with Tom Eblen of the Lexington Herald.

We left the Raccoon Springs area and were immediately in the woods following part of the actual Boone Trace that still exists. Most of this trip has been on blacktop that covers the original path. This is an untouched portion that has been found and is still a dirt path with all the signs of being the original Boone Trace.

It took us about an hour and a half to get out of the woods and on the other side.

We continued up the road to Levi Jackson State Park. There we were picked up by John Fox and taken into London where the Laurel County Chamber of Commerce was having their annual luncheon. Several people got up to speak; John, Givan, and I were part of that lineup. We warmed up the audience for a potential future Governor of Kentucky who was the keynote speaker, Hal Heiner.

The remainder of the day has been walking blacktop roads with very narrow shoulders.  Rain and traffic make it a very dangerous route.  This wears on us mentally as well as physically.

Doing this many miles in a day is very taxing and any extra activities, such as eating or reaching in your backpack for lip balm, is something you think twice about.  It seems on this length of a trip, simply walking is enough to concentrate on and other things fall by the way side.

We are staying this evening under a carport of a man whose yard contains a 1942 Boone Trace marker.  This means his property was actually part of the original Boone Trace.  We are getting ourselves tucked in and ready for bed and we are no less dedicated to finishing this trip.

Our travels should get more interesting and enjoyable over the next couple days as we are entering the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Walk on,


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  1. Joan Boyd Short

    Sending prayers and good wishes as we continue to walk “with you.” Our Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association Meeting is tomorrow at noon. We will have your map projected on a screen at the end of the room and will be watching your progress as we meet together. We will also show the membership pictures of you at the Blockhouse and the interview with Ernie. Your Trail Buddies–Megan, Pam, Billy Heck or Scott Bowen, Ron, and I–will all be together and sending the most positive thoughts in your direction. See you further down the Trail! Joan


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