Day 14 – Goodnight all!

Berea is a unique town for the reasons I wrote of earlier and many more.  It is poised to become a major trail town because two major paths cross here. Boone Trace passes from south to north and the National Bike Trail crosses east to west. The town is making great progress in establishing trails in town as well as the surrounding area.

John, Givan and I had the privilege of addressing Berea’s Trail Town committee and a class of entrepreneur students from Berea College who are working to make it happen. John spoke of the history and importance of Boone Trace, Givan spoke of the lessons he and I have learned on our expedition, and I spoke about what it means to let yourself get lost in the wander. After the formal speaking, we milled around and spoke to the students and trail committee members, fielding questions on all aspects of our expedition.

No doubt this little walk of ours can be a catalyst to move forward what is already happening in the towns along the trace.

14 days and approximately 200 miles behind us. 3 days and 30 some miles to go and this one’s a wrap.

Walk on,

P.S.  This is not a chalk outline of a turtle murder. Sheltowee Trace hiking path shares part of Boone Trace’s path and the turtle marks the Shaltowee. That was the name given to Daniel Boone by the Shawnee Indian chief, Blackfish, when Boone was captured in 1778. The word means “big turtle”.

Photo Credit: Curtis Penix

Photo Credit: Curtis Penix

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