Day 15 – Twetty’s Fort

Felix Walker (one of the axe men) March 23rd 1775

“Began to discover the rapturous appearance of the plains of Kentucky….So rich a soil we have never seen before; covered with clover in full bloom, the woods were abounding in wild game – turkeys so numerous that it might be said they appeared but one flock, universally scattered in the woods.”

Walker’s thrill of this new land was greatly challenged two days later when, just before dawn, Indians attacked the sleeping men just 15 miles south of their destination. Walker and William Twetty were both severely wounded and another man, Sam, was shot dead, landing in the burning fire pit. The rest of the party fled into the trees but had no chance of returning shots with their rifles. When they gathered back at camp the Indians had fled with a few horses but nothing else.

A small fortification was quickly built over the 2 wounded men for protection in case of a second attack and to better care for them. Other Indian activity was found in the area and Boone decided to stay put till Walker and Twetty could be moved the last 15 miles. A couple days latter Twetty died and was buried. On April 1st, Walker was carried by a ladder suspended between 2 horses and Daniel Boone and his axe men finished their journey to the banks of the Kentucky River.

Today, the location of Twetty’s fort is owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution. It is a one acre parcel just south of the city of Richmond. This land is surrounded by a housing development, farmland and is not far from a U.S. Army chemical storage depot.

Thanks to the DAR, Givan and I will be spending the night on the very spot Twitty and Sam died in that attack. A small stone monument stands on a stone base and the grass is groomed low like a suburban yard. A good spot to rest and commit ourselves to finish the journey as did Boone and his men 240 years ago.

Our journey is almost over and the last 15 or so miles will be easy walking. We plan on dividing that distance over 2 days.

Walk on,


2 Replies to “Day 15 – Twetty’s Fort”

  1. Bill Howard

    Glad it has went well.
    I’m driving up from Gray TN Friday on way to Indy. Will travel near where you have traveled.

  2. Bill Howard

    I’m driving up from Gray TN Friday on way to Indy. Will travel near where you have traveled.
    Glad it has went well.


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