Day 3 – Midday check in

I made it to Duffield at the bottom of Powell Mtn. From what I’m told, the path up to Kane Gap is sloppy muddy. This may take me a while to fight my way up but I need to make up some miles.
Here’s a picture of me by a sign showing the way. That must be Fess Parker in the silhouette since the real Daniel Boone never wore a coon skin hat.
Walk on,

Photo Credit: Curtis Penix

Photo Credit: Curtis Penix

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  1. Danny Dixon

    Curtis, you are undertaking a historical trek many of us wish we could make. As you may know Duffield was then known as “Little Flat Lick”, for the mineral springs there that attracted large herds of deer, elk, and woodland buffalo. It was a very well known spot to early explorers and Long Hunters. Soon travelers of the Wilderness Trail would regularly mention it as well.

  2. C.Lynn Musick

    I envy and admire your pioneer spirit. What a great experience you are undertaking Your great, great, great, great, great would be proud ! You are always welcome in our little part of the world – SW Va. Godspeed.
    Lynn Musick


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