Day 3 & Thoughts from a Fellow Hiker

Day 3 – Brief Note Sent From DeLorme inReach GPS

Out of energy and out of cell service. I was met early in the day by Mike, who had walked with me the first day. We made it to the camping spot but the trip has been brutal. Too much pavement. Mike is staying the night and walking the day tomorrow. Clear skies and cool temps. Tomorrow will be forest!

Walk on,


A few pictures from Day 1 from Sharon Lane


The “Redhouse” built in 1810


Hikers: Gin, Curtis, Sharon and Mike


Curtis and Mike

Thoughts from my fellow hikers

The 1st time I heard about the Trace was last year in the Herald Leader on Given and Curtis’ first hike to Kentucky. The same year I was in the process of hiking my very first hiking/backpacking experience with the Sheltowee National Recreation Trail that runs through the Daniel Boone National Forest with the association. That was a life-changing experience and I knew I wanted to be a part of this Boone Trace trail and experience the history of Daniel Boone. I have great respect for all of those who are keeping this trail alive for our children and generations to follow. Starting at the Fort and passing by the oldest graveyard I have ever seen and walking past a home still standing from the 1800’s was like standing there back in time. Part of the trail goes through a farm and is the most actual part of the trail by Otters Creek. The land owner came to greet us on the trail and shared how the land has been his family for 200 yrs.  They fought with the Indians and the land was split and that’s how it was in the family. At that moment I could imagine how it must have been for the families and walking down the path. For me, it is more than just  a walk….its connecting with our heritage and history, connecting with wonderful people I would otherwise never have met, and most important is the support of the community along the way! I’m looking forward to getting back on trail again and keeping the dream alive!

Sharon Lane – Hiked 1st Day

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