Day 5 – This Was A Map & Newspaper Day

Day 5

This morning I woke up with a thick layer of frost inside, and outside, my tarp. The cattle pasture just outside looked like a crop duster flew over and dropped powdered sugar. I had to pull my clothes into my sleeping bag to warm them and take off the frozen crunch before I put them on. The best way to deal with crawling out into this type of environment is to do it fast and don’t stop moving till the pack is filled, on your back and your on the move.

I didn’t walk far though. I crossed through the cattle pasture with about 30 bovine eyes on me until I climbed the last gate. The next 17 miles was to be all pavement so Mike picked me up on the road and we motored the trace.

We ended up at Levi Jackson State Park and had a quick talk with a news reporter. John Fox met us at Mike’s house and we went over maps for the next few days.

So far this years hike has been less fan fare and more down to business with developing this trail for the public. The economics, trail design and legalities have been discussed with both county and town movers and shakers. In my walk I have passed some new Boone Trace historic markers and Boone Gap is closer to becoming a state recognized rest stop. All thanks to the Friends of Boone Trace.

I am being put up tonight at Mike’s house and sleeping in a real bed. We are starting out tomorrow from Levi Jackson Park.

Walk On,

Pictures from day 1 of the hike provided by author, Laura Frantz


Original Boones Trace. Mile 14 of Day 1


Otter Creek which Boone followed to Fort Boonesborough

Otter Creek which Boone followed to Fort Boonesborough

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