Day 7 Comes To A Close

The lesson I learned about how the pioneers helped each other along this road is still going strong today.

Kelsey Gearheart, Givan and I woke up this morning in Cumberland Gap Campground.

We walked just a little ways to the parking lot at the trail head for the gap and were greeted by the Bain’s from the Pineapple Tea Room in Cumberland Gap, TN. They treated us to a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, cheese grits, toast, milk and orange juice. A true pioneers breakfast. The Bain’s fueled us for our climb up and over the gap and they carry on the spirit of caring for those that pass through this beautiful country. Thank you Bain family.

We had a great moment in the saddle of the gap as Pam Eddy talked about the spirit of the pioneers who passed on the very ground where we stood. With slopes on both sides of us, there is no doubt we stood in the path that carried the hundreds of thousands of American dreamers to their new world.

While still in the gap, Pam got a call from a friend of her’s and mine, Steven Caudill,  who travels the country portraying Daniel Boone and teaching about his life and the American pioneers. While on speaker phone, Steven talked about his daily prayers for me as he has followed my trek. Awesome time all around.

We finished our crossing and the group that was accompanying us began to depart one by one as we left the park and headed north out of Middlesboro.

It was a hard day with about 19 miles completed. Givan and I failed to get to our planed campsite but only by about a mile. We are in our bivys in the woods and resting our battered bodies. Tomorrow we cross Cumberland Ford, the last of the gaps to the west.

Walk on,

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