Day 7 – Good-bye and Thank You Virginia – Hello Kentucky

A hearty goodbye to Virginia and all the people I met along the way.

  • To Ron and Joan Short for the guidance and hospitality.
  • To Pam Eddy for being my trail angel and saving me from the storage unit.
  • To all the people who pulled over in VA to give me words of encouragement and talk for a moment.  I loved hearing all the stories of local and family history you had to share.
  • To the Hobbs’ for offering me such unique accommodations.
  • To Billy Heck and Scott Bowen at Wilderness Road State Park and Martin Station.
  •  To Marcus for being our Indian guide.
  • To Mona, Deidre and Kelsey for walking with us for a piece of this journey.
  • To Isaac Kramer and his two boys .
  • To the folks at Bell County Historical Society, Tim Cornett, and the great luncheon and reception we had there.
  • And a special thank you to the hundreds of drivers who steered just a little bit left as I managed the narrow shoulders

God bless you Old Dominion, looking forward to seeing you again!

For the remainder of the trip Givan and I will have some blacktops but there will be more back roads and overland experiences.  More along the lines of the hiking we love and sticking directly to the actually route of Boone Trace.

We have quite a few miles to put under foot to make our campsite tonight.  We probably won’t get there until after dark.

Walk on,





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  1. ed morgan

    Congratulation on completing the first week of your historic journey. You presevered (though often soggy). Its been said that it is the adversity that we remember so you should have many memories that, i know in time, will be fond ones! Southwest Virginia, my family’s home for six generations, bids you a fond fairwell! 🙂


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