Givan Joins Curt Today

Day 6
Walking began at 8:48 a.m.
No contact from Curt


The fog is starting to break up over the Kentucky countryside. The sun is rising and I am on the way to Martin Station to meet up with Curtis. I have to confess feelings of both excitement and anxiety. But more than anything, I want to make the people I love proud. Thank you, John Fox and Jenyva Turner for making this possible. Thank you to Susie Anderson Soloc and Kimberly Penix for the prayer support. Thank you Curtis for letting me come along with you and Joshua. And thanks to the U.S. Army for making me think walking really far with a big heavy bag isn’t such a bad idea.

Givan Fox

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  1. Mary Bohlen

    Thank you Kimberly for your comments about Rebecca Boone.

    I have had the pleasure of cooking at the hearth of the replica Boone cabin on the upper Yadkin River at Whippoorwill Village near Ferguson, NC. This is very close to site of the homestead from which Daniel left on his treks west and where Rebecca was left to manage her family and farm.
    As I stand at the fireplace tending the fire and preparing a meal. I think about Rebecca and what her life must have been like as a backcountry wife and mother.

    I agree with you, she was a remarkable women.

    Mary Bohlen, near the Yadkin

  2. Charlotte Dade

    What a wonderful, poetic essay on the life of Rebecca Boone. Thank you for sharing it.
    Charlotte West Dade, Kingsport, TN


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