Going deeper into the path

So lets dive into this routing issue.

The question was, If the new found path north of Hwy 52 is actual Boone Trace then where might we find the path south of Hwy 52? We know the pioneers followed Otter Creek but if you notice on the map, Otter Creek ends at Lake Reba to the south. The northern shore of the lake is straight and parallel to Catalpa Loop which is very rare in the natural world. A closer inspection of a satellite image will show that the straight shore contains a dam and a spillway.

Eureka! Lake Reba is a man made lake created by the damming of Otter Creek.  The original Boone Trace is under Lake Reba.         

The Mayor of Richmond, Kentucky., Jim Barnes, has graciously invited me to walk across the Gibson Bay Golf Course and any city land I see fit to walk on in order to stay as close as possible to the original Trace. I may not be able to walk across every bit of private land that contains original trace but many land owners and city officials in Kentucky have been very generous with their permission.  Not only Richmond, but the towns of Middlesboro, London, and Berea are excited to have their towns part of a future Boone Trace hiking trail.

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  1. Jim Shannon Pres Boonesboro 200th

    We had walkers from Yatkin Valley to Boonesboro in 1975 for Bicentennial including Cincinnatus from Daniel Boone series who carried the Long Riffle. I have done extensive research for Boone Trace March 1775 in Madison Co. For Dr John Fox Project to up date the earlier posted routes if you would like documents. Founder Socierty of Boonesborougj and 25 years President of Madison County Historical Society. Probably location of Bond Estill Spring near Lake Reba and original sight of Squire Boone Rock 1770 near Blue Lick road and the nearby 1769 Daniel Station Camp

    1. curtis

      Thank you for contacting me. I had been told of the story of the 1975 walk by Randell Jones but have very few details. Is there any writings about that event I would be able to get my hands on? Very interested in any stories of others who have done this walk in modern times. I have traveled the length of Boone Trace with John Fox doing research for the trek. Any documents you could send would be much appreciated. Hope you follow along in March as I explore the Trace.


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