Hike Boone Trace 2016 ~ April 2nd – 10th

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Dr. John Fox and the Friends of Boone Trace have been working tirelessly this past year with organizations at the local, state and national level to open Boone Trace as a recreation and education destination. Much development needs to happen but the gears are in motion. In order to get folks familiar with the route in Kentucky, we will leave Fort Boonesborough April 2nd and head south finishing the hike on the 10th at Martins Station near Ewing Va. In the spirit of keeping Boone Trace alive, we will be carrying a haversack with pioneer era lantern and candles. This lantern will be lit each night and passed off to the different groups of hikers we meet at the county lines.

Some of the hikers who intend to walk a day with us can join the hike at any point. Convenient entry points would be the overnight camping spots or the points where we will be crossing the county lines.

With 17 miles a day being our goal, the overnight locations will be as follows with the county line crossings inserted in the appropriate days:

(copy and paste the GPS coordinates into Google maps to see the location)

April 2nd- Twitty’s Fort. (North of Dunncannon Rd. and Golden Leaf Blvd. intersection in Richmond) (37.707077, -84.279902)

April 3rd- Boone Gap (Madison/Rockcastle border near Hwy 25) (37.527674, -84.313132)

Madison/Rockcastle county line- Hand-off Apr 4 first thing in AM on Hwy 25

April 4th- End of Maple Grove Rd. (37.355915, -84.241459)

Rockcastle/Laurel county line-  Hand-off Apr 5 mid-day at bridge over Rockcastle River on Hwy 490

April 5th- Woods Blockhouse (near Murray Cemetery Rd. and Road 1394 north of East Bernstadt) (37.223368, -84.095617)

April 6th- Levi-Jackson State Park Campground (37.079359, -84.046326)

Laurel/Knox county line-  Hand-off Apr 7 mid-day about 3 miles(?) north of the town of Gray on Hwy 233

April 7th- Poplar Branch-Arkle Rd. (wild area near Emanuel Hollow Rd.) (36.905786, -83.933707)

April 8th- Elys Rd. just N. of Knox/Bell Co. line (hay field @ 36.815385, -83.756551)

Knox/Bell county line-  Hand-off Apr 9 mid-AM at south end of Elys Hollow Rd near electric plant on    US 25

April 9th- Northern border of Middlesboro. (TBD) (36.623056, -83.716008)

Bell/Lee County VA-  Hand-off either at park on Apr 10 or campground on Apr 11

April 10th- Wilderness Rd. State Park Campground in Ewing Va.


Please understand that this is a hiking trek and exact times cannot be predicted of when and where we will be. The satellite communicator will be activated and you can hunt us down on my map during the hike. If you have some time, come out and walk a bit in your home area to see where this historic route meandered.

We will be passing through Cumberland Gap National Park on April 10th and on the 11th we will be attending the America the Beautiful Coin Unveiling. Plan on being there!       

To see an interactive map of the entire Boone Trace in Kentucky go to http://www.outragegis.com/boonetrace/_v2/web/