Hike is done!

April 10, 2016

I made it to Martin’s station today and delivered the medallion. No more strange sleeping spots or cold wind.

At Cumberland Gap National Park, John and I got nothing but positive response to what we have been doing with this research. This year’s hike has not only filled in some question marks on the map but served to take the conversation to other levels. We met community leaders and others who want Boone Trace to be preserved for history’s sake and to boost the local tourism economy.

A major factor in seeing Boone Trace preserved is to have it traveled. Right now the best way to do that is to visit boonetrace1775.com and click on the header to see the interactive digital map. This map shows both a driving route (solid line) and the original path (dotted line). Pick a section and do some pioneer exploring yourself. Study the landscape and see if you can pick out that little road hidden among the hills and valleys.

Walk On,

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