Last Night On The Trail

I am in my last campsite before finishing my trek tomorrow. The weather promises to be 22 degrees as a low but I think I picked a good spot that will keep me warm. Although I’m in a heavily populated area I have found a wooded section with hills on both sides which conceal me. Just to the east of me is a graveyard and to the west of me is a funeral home.

Tomorrow I walk just an hour and a half and I’m in Cumberland Gap National Park. This weekend is an event where they will be unveiling a new commemorative quarter that shows Cumberland Gap. After I visit some of the booths and talk to some of the reenactors I will hike the last eight or nine miles to Wilderness Road State Park in Virginia.

The things we learned on this hike will be added to what we know about the makeup of the trail today. We have talked to community leaders, National Forest engineers, and historians who are interested in making BT available for hikers, bikers, horse riders and anyone who would like to stand on a piece of ground that played a major role in forming our country.

Boone Trace is coming alive again and I do hope you take the time to explore as much as you can.

Walk On,

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