The Adventure Isn’t Over

What has happened in the past 16 days has been much more than I had planned. But that’s what adventure is about. You allow yourself to wander out of your comfort zone, to go someplace you have never been and handle whatever the situation throws at you.

Givan and I have climbed mountains and walked through mud. Our legs ached from too much blacktop and we’ve had times where the miles were just about breaking us. Briars pulled at us and we learned to read which dogs were just making noise and which ones might be more than just noise. We smelled bad and we forgot what it felt like to not wear a 40 pound pack. The scenery was splendid and prehistoric and suburban and mean and welcoming and scary and too steep and just right as a backdrop for doing something that wasn’t just everyday.

The pioneer spirit does not need to be just history and Boone Trace does not need to be a road that “use to be” traveled. Both need to be preserved. Join the Friends of Boone Trace facebook page to learn how to travel this road again.

As for the pioneering spirit, that would be up to you to step out and redefine your life. Walk up to that barrier where your comfort zone ends. Study it for a moment, then bend over and with both hands lift it up, walk forward and put it in a new place. Then be sure to tell others how it was much more than you planned, cause that’s what we call an adventure.

Walk on!


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